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standard parts and access components catalogues


standard parts and access components catalogues


Springfix Linkages specialise in rod ends, universal joints, clevis joints, ball joints, and various components that compliment these. Pricing including discounts and live stock can be seen instantly on-line. We hold a lot of our products in stock and produce many specials on request. Also available is our new range of accurate force pneumatics including anti-stiction air cylinders, dashpots and dampers.

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Air Cylinders

Why Choose one of our Dashpots/Shock Absorbers over other Damping Devices?

  • Starting and running friction are almost identical which prevents jerky, uncontrolled starts.
  • They have a life span of multi-millions of cycles.
  • They are made of self lubricating materials.
  • No seals are required and tehre are no loquids to leak.
  • They are precise, accurate, and allow fine adjustments by hand at installation.

What is a Dashpot?

A Dashpot is a motion damping device that reduces velocity, vibration, and oscillation in dynamic mechanisms.

This is accomplished by using a piston to force ambient air through an orifice at a controlled rate to dissipate kinetic energy.

Basic Principles and Applications

Click here to download a pdf of basic principles and applications for our products.


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Stiction is the problem that causes air cylinders to stick at the start of the stroke - resulting in erratic breakaway motion. Technically it's the difference between static friction and moving friction when static friction is higher. Our Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders do away with any perceptible stiction and reduces running friction to exceedingly low levels. This gives them the unique ability to impart super smooth motion, smoother than any other air cylinder.

Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders
  • Ultra Low Friction
  • Ultra smooth motion
  • Can operate at extreme temperatues
  • Last for multi-millions of cycles, even at high temperatures
  • No seals to wear out and no lubricant to leak
  • Bore sizes from 0.22" to 1.75"
  • Strokes on Standard Models up to 3.0"
  • One way and two way damping options
  • Can be easily customised
  • Level of damping easily adjustable by hand
Shock Absorbers
  • Bore sizes from 0.627" to 1.75"
  • Level of damping easily adjustable by hand
  • Can operate at extreme temperatures
Cylinder/Piston Sets

The Cylinder/Piston sets are the technology behind our dashpots but are available separately for you to design into your own application.

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