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Order No. Order by articlenumber Stroke Order by parameter Damping direction Order by parameter Rod end
linkage Order by parameter
Bore size Order by parameter Max. pull
damping force N Order by parameter
Max. push
damping force N Order by parameter
Body length Order by parameter Price/stock Add to basket
L4576.0500-TW 0,5" Two-way B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,296"
L4576.1000-TW 1,0" Two-way B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,796"

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L4576.1500-TW 1,5" Two-way B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2,296"

Stock/Price Check

£ & stock
Decrease order quantity in steps. Increase order quantity in steps.
L4576.2000-TW 2,0" Two-way B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2,796"
L4576.0500-PL 0,5" Pull B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,296"
L4576.1000-PL 1,0" Pull B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,796"
L4576.1500-PL 1,5" Pull B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2.296"
L4576.2000-PL 2,0" Pull B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2,796"
L4576.0500-PS 0,5" Push B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,277"
L4576.1000-PS 1,0" Push B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 1,777"
L4576.1500-PS 1,5" Push B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2,277"
L4576.2000-PS 2,0" Push B" Ball 0,945" 40 31,1 2,777"

Technical & Application


Graphite carbon piston.
Annealed borosilicate glass cylinder.
Precision fire-polished bore.
Aluminium 2024-T4 Piston rod.

Technical Notes

Damping coefficient = 0-5,25 N/(mm/s).
Friction coefficient = 0.2.
Force without side load: <1g.
Operating temperature range: -55°c Operating temperature range: -55° to 150°c.
*If operating temperature is above +70°c, please advise at time of ordering.

Important Notes

Mounting data:
Mounting hole:
Rectangular = 0.312 x 0.375 (8mm x 10mm)
Round = 0.375" (10mm)
Suggested mounting bracket thickness = 0.06 - 0.093 (1.52mm - 2.36mm)
Mounting nut torque:
Head = 4-8 in-lb (0.45 - 0.90 Nm)
Rod end = 5-15 in-lb (0.56-1.70 Nm)

Full stroke is obtained with customer held mounting tolerance of ±0.015" (0.38mm).

B" ball joint linkage option only available with aluminium rod.

Level of damping is adjustable by hand. If you know the level of damping required we can pre-set this in the factory.


Order No. In stock Bal. QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.0500-TW 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.1000-TW 0 Pls Call 1-4£ 108.135-19£ 97.3220-39£ 86.5040-99£ 75.69100+£ 64.88
L4576.1500-TW 0 Pls Call 1-4£ 127.495-19£ 114.7420-39£ 101.9940-99£ 89.24100+£ 76.49
L4576.2000-TW 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.0500-PL 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.1000-PL 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.1500-PL 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.2000-PL 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.0500-PS 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.1000-PS 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.1500-PS 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
L4576.2000-PS 0 1+£ 0.00QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit

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Useful Information

What is a Dashpot?

  • A dashpot is a motion damping device that reduces velocity, vibration, and oscillation in dynamic mechanisms. This is accomplished by using a piston to force ambient air through an orifice at a controlled rate to dissipate kinetic energy.

    Dashpots/Shock absorbers:

    We identify configurations in which the piston rod is attached to the load being damped as dashpots. We identify configurations in which the piston rod is struck by, but not attached to the load, as shock absorbers. The benefits of a Dashpot or shock absorber:
  • It prevents damage and violent or inaccurate response caused by shock and vibration in sensitive equipment
  • It reduces impact noise and wear
  • It provides simple, low cost, adjustable speed control without external power
  • It provides non-electrical timing capability.

Why Choose one of our dashpots/shock absorbers over other damping devices?

  • It has unparalleled low friction, responds to forces as low as only a few grams, and its smooth.
  • Starting and running friction are almost identical which prevents jerky, uncontrolled starts.
  • It has a life span of multi-millions of cycles
  • No seals are required and there are no liquids to leak.
  • It is made of self lubricating materials.
  • It's precise and accurate, easily adjustable over a 10,000 to one range, and it allows fine adjustments at installation.
  • They can operate at extreme temperatures.
  • The piston and cylinder will not rust, corrode, or deteriorate over time.
  • It's lightweight.
  • They can be easily customised to suit space availability and special performance requirements.

    Basic Principles and Applications

    Click here to download a pdf of basic principles and applications for our products.


  • CAD & Data Sheets

    Product Datasheets

    L4576 Push/Pull Dashpot 328 kB pdf
    Push-pull dampers 3 MB pdf
    Dashpots 813 kB pdf
    Air cylinders 9 MB pdf

    If you can't read the product files please follow this link to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.


    Please click on the video to see how the Dashpots work and how they could be suitable for your application.

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